Rartech is a specialized company
in developing well-rounded
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About Us

RarTech is the ideal solution to join the global online business efficiently and rapidly, thanks to top-level servers and technology based in Malta


RarTech is a subsidiary of Marketing Multimedia

Marketing Multimedia operates in the the italian digital marketplace since 1994 through its business units PrimeWeb and Digital Events

Marketing Multimedia, remaining loyal to its innovation values, is approaching the global marketplace to support the development of internationally based e-Commerce projects

Malta's ICT

The technologic infrastructure has a strategic value for Malta, that is connected with the rest of the word thanks to the most advanced available connections
Malta's ICT Map

Huge investments permitted Information Communication Technology (ICT) to become a more reliable structure.

Malta's ICT infrastructures are private and liberalized. They contributed to make Malta a regional centre of excellence in ICT and financial services.

About Malta

RarTech is located in Malta, and is a full member of the EU. The island is located 80 km from Sicily's shoreline and 300 km from Tunisia and Libya

It takes 2-3 hours to arrive in Malta by plane, from most European cities. Besides there are frequent non-stop flight to Malta, offered by various airline companies.

Capital City
La Valletta, 7,000 citizens

417,000 citizens


The Maltese archipelago is virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.

80 km south of Sicily

1,826 km east of Gibraltar

290 km north of Africa

1,940 km west of Tel Aviv

  • Official language Maltese and English (Italian only spoken)
  • Member of European Union since May 2004 (10 years)
  • Currency Euro (since 2008)
  • GDP per capita (€) 16,362 (2012)
  • Economics sectors: Financial Services, tourism, high value-added production, research and pharmacology, ICT, education and training, creative arts, Aviation and Navy.
  • Business Partner Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Singapore, USA
  • Labor force 165,000
  • Unemployment 6% of labor force

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